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How does Il Makiage, a high-maintenance makeup brand, promote maximalism in an age of minimalistic beauty?
By showing how makeup is so powerful that women can be recognized through it alone.
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Marilyn, Audrey, Amy...there's no need for labels here:
you know who they are just by their iconic makeup.
Now it's your turn to show the world how you make your mark through your signature look using Il Makiage products.


People can share their silhouettes on social media and tell their story on how makeup has made a mark for them.
If you tag us on social media, your silhouette might just end up on a large digital billboard placed in Times Square.
A lot of trial and error to ensure Marilyn didn't look like an alien blob.
All illustrations were painted by hand on my iPad.
Student Team
Monica Andrade / AD
Julia Garicochea / CW