About me.

In high school, my friend photoshopped my face on a hybrid butterfly baby. From that day on, I was declared La Moniposa  (butterfly in Spanish is "mariposa" + my name), hence my URL.

I'm a heavy metal enthusiast, freelance makeup artist, and former journalist. My claim to fame is a makeup tutorial I posted on YouTube that got over 75k views. Unfortunately, I couldn't make money off of it because I used like four copyrighted Ke$ha songs so here I am pursuing art direction instead.

If you'd like to see my 12-minute elevator pitch, click here.



What I attribute my strands of grey hair to:

2020 Young Ones - Merit

2020 Applied Arts - Winner

2020 Vega Awards - Gold

2020 Muse Recruits - Featured Talent

2020 Communication Arts - Shortlisted 

2020 Adweek - Published

2020 Muse by Clio - Published

2020 Creative Conscience - Shortlisted

2019 Young Ones - Bronze 

2019 Creativity Awards - Silver

2019 Ads of the World - Published

2019 Creative Conscience - Shortlisted

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786 - 468 - 9992

Snail mail works, too.

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